Why is it worth investing in gold?

For centuries, gold has been the most desirable metal in the world. For hundreds of years gold prospectors
were doing the arduous and dangerous work of mining gold. Why is this element so
First of all, it is the most malleable noble metal of all. Is very
ductile, making it easy to make jewelry, figures, bars, coins or gold-plated
various kinds of elements. Gold is currently the most popular in Russia and Arabic countries.
However, it is gaining more and more importance around the world as many investors
prefers to invest funds in gold rather than in uncertain currencies
Gold also has a lot of cultural significance. For years it has been a synonym of wealth and prestige, and subconsciously
is associated with a good social position. What is important gold jewllery makes people look good.
Moreover it is shiny and heavy. A liter of gold weighs less than 20 kilograms!
In recent years, typical gold has been replaced by platinum, however it is now back in favor
and becoming more and more fashionable (in the form of jewelry or gadgets)
It’s really worth of invest in them. Why? Above all, there is a safe investment product that
is steadily strengthening in the world market, protecting assets against inflation and
difficult and constantly changing situation on financial markets.


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