What kind of gold to choose?

Gold has been synonymous of luxury for years. When we think about this precious metal we see
a quick picture of yellow gold but it doesn’t quite match presents trends because today
it is available in a whole range of colors!
Gold in its pure and noblest form (such that its test was like
highest) has a natural yellow color, characteristic of this raw material. However
a more interesting effect for the jewelry industry began to be melted down in the 19th century
gold with metals to get new colors. Today we can equal
a variety of this precious metal, such as: white gold, rose gold, black gold, red
gold, even red gold. They have one undoubted aesthetic value, but if
we treat this raw material as an investment, it is best to buy traditional gold in the form of
coins or bars. When deciding to buy gold in various forms, first of all, it’s worth to
check whether a given product has the appropriate quality certificates,
so you are sure of what you want to have source control and source mixing control
metal repair. The higher the gold fineness, the harder and more resistant the jewelery is
scratches, but also less plastic. The other, the less noble but
more plastic and bigger. The choice is up to us.


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