Renting apartments – an idea for your own business

Renting apartments is a very good idea for your own business. With time
real estate is constantly becoming more expensive, making apartment owners more and more focused on
renting your apartment rather than selling it. Sale from one point of view
provides a quick inflow of large amounts of cash. However, if you look at it in the long ter, it is not
a good way out even for purely mathematical reasons. When the flat is sold for the given
the amount is left with nothing but if you add up the monthly revenues that the tenants provide
housing the value will be equivalent to the sale value in a dozen or so years – and the owner
he still has his apartment! This is a colossal difference, so nowadays it’s worth it
put on rental housing. Additionally cities are constantly expanding. Related to this is that
the apartment, despite the fact that it was apparently far from the center with time “improves”
its location, which results in another increase in the value of the apartment.


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