History of money in human life

We use money every day. However, we rarely wonder where they came from and how
it has become such an important element in everyone’s life. So we will present a short
history of money development. Originally, money did not exist. The method of “payment” for the goods was
to exchange one product for another. With the development of the economy and
progressing globalization, goods have been replaced with valuable ores such as gold, silver, etc. They were
much more durable and their size was small, which greatly facilitated their transport.
As this form has proved inconvenient to use in large quantities over time
paper money was introduced. However, the Phoenicians went a step further and created … transactions
cashless! They invented a substitute for non-cash settlement in the form of
certified plates used to carry out financial operations which corresponds
bank accounts today! Did you expect banking to have such a long history?
Currently, electronic money is becoming a popular means of payment. There are settlements
carried out with payment cards and saved by computers. It is worth to add that paper money
is subject to inflation, so it is not a surefire fundraiser. In order to
to eliminate these drawbacks, cryptocurrencies are the latest financial invention. In 2009
The first Bitcoin cryptocurrency was created, and soon more cryptocurrencies followed. What will it be
the next step in the history of means of payment?


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